Before you consider allowing paying guests to stay at your holiday property, there are certain tasks that you must complete.

Insurance for Self Catering Apartment:

You should get appropriate insurance - your insurance broker should be able to help you find insurance for holiday letting. You must let your insurer know that this is not a 'buy-to-let' property and is for Holiday Letting. Insurance for holiday letting properties tends to be more expensive, so it is worth your while to find a competitive quote. Remember that when you take in guests, it is acceptable to take a 'damages deposit', which is usually about £100. The amount requested for the damages deposit could be equal to the excess charge in your insurance policy, which would help you minimise any money that you may have to provide should there be excessive damage caused in your property. Churchfield Holiday Lettings is able to offer competitive Holiday Letting Insurance facilities. Please ask for details.

Gas Safety

If there is any form of gas in the property, you will need to provide a Landlord's gas safety certificate. This certificate can only be provided by a gas registered plumber - and it does need to be updated on an annual basis. Churchfield Holiday Lettings are able to offer competitive Gas Safety Inspections. Please ask for details.

Electrical Safety

Although not currently required by law - it is advisable to have a safety certificate covering the electrical installations, which should be obtained, and electrical safety certificate for all portable electrical appliances (PAT) over 12 months old is needed. Churchfield Holiday Lettings is able to offer competitive Electrical Safety Inspections. Please ask for details.

Legionaires Disease

Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. It is contracted when an individual inhales small droplets of water that contain Legionella bacteria as a mist or spray. Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that all water systems in their property are properly maintained to prevent any water-borne infections. In order to assist landlords in fulfilling their responsibilities, the Health and Safety Executive has released a revised Approved Code of Practice (Legionnaires’ disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water systems), containing information on how to identify and assess potential sources of exposure, and methods of introducing a course of action to prevent or control any identified risk.Previously the Approved Code of Practice imposed a 300 litre limit for hot and cold water services, which removed responsibility from landlords. But as the 300 litre limit has been removed, private landlords are now required to comply with the Code.

TV Licence
All guests will expect a television in the property. And by law you will need to ensure that you have a valid TV licence for the property.

Council Tax. 
It is the Landlords’ responsibility to ensure that the council tax is up to date and valid.


It is the Landlords’ responsibility to ensure that all utility bills are paid and up to date.

Energy Performance Certificates

It is a legal requirement for Churchfield Holiday Lettings to hold a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before a property can be marketed for either holiday lets or winter lets. From October 2008, an EPC is required whenever a building in social or private rented sectors is let and a copy of this report must be available to the tenant/holiday guest free of charge if requested. If you would like Churchfield to arrange an Energy Performance Certificate the cost will be £65.00 + VAT - at the prevailing rate. 

Internet Access (optional but strongly recommended for Self Catering Accomodation)

We do recommend getting Internet access in your self-catering property. Internet access comes in various forms. The most common type of access is Wifi, this access is provided in the property via broadband. Please seek advice when setting this up, it is important that if you are using wifi that you have the Wifi secured with a password. If you do not know how to set this up, many of the Internet providers can provide you with step-by-step instructions. You can also provide Internet with a 'dongle' this popular device is attached to a laptop, and allows access to the Internet. It is generally less expensive than Wifi. As with all technology, the prices change on a regular basis. The main restriction with the dongle is that it only allows one computer at a time to access the Internet, and it also does not work with I Phones and other such devices. We have noticed that on the longer type lets (where contractors or students are involved), these guests would not consider renting a property that did not have wifi (or broadband provided).


Self catering holiday makers often want to come on holiday with their pets, we recommend that you consider this as this may be the one thing that makes your property stand out above the competition. Please ensure that your lease allows for pets to be kept in the building if you are offering a flat to let. It is not unusual to make a small charge for this option, please inform us on the List My Property form if you wish to make a charge or offer this option for free.