Churchfield Holiday Lettings market your holiday property to guests via many national and international portals. However, our Bournemouth based Churchfield lettings team oversee the day-to-day management of your Holiday Rental Property. Portals include: – – – – – Air B&B.

Information Packs

An information pack is required to describe how to use the facilities in the property, how to deal with matters such as rubbish disposal, where local facilities are located such as: shops, banks, pharmacy, etc. And you should also note whom to call in the event of problems. For Fully Managed holiday properties Churchfield provide holiday guests with an emergency out of office contact number. 


You will need keys for guests and for cleaners and one extra set for yourself. Alternatively Churchfield Holiday Lettings can hold your sets of keys. We recommend that a minimum of 5 x sets are available. Churchfield recommend a key box is installed as an alternative to posting keys out to guests.